Angle Cosine Indicator - Hunter


Price: $199.99


The “Angle Cosine Indicator - Hunter,” ® (TM), (ACI-H), ® (TM), is a simple tool for hunters in mountainous terrain. It is utilized with ballistic targeting software, or to obtain the corrected for gravity distance to target.

The "Angle Cosine Indicator - Hunter", has the "Angle" numerals laser engraved onto the left side, and "Cosine" numerals laser engraved onto the right side. 

The "Angle Cosine Indicator - Hunter," enables the Hunter to utilize ballistic targeting software or multiply the cosine numeral to the distance to target to obtain the corrected for gravity distance to target.  This gives the hunter the best of both worlds and a fail safe tool for shooting on angles and in mountainous terrain.

The ACI is a vault solid, water resistant precision instrument; quiet and made from aircraft grade aluminum, which is anodized in a flat black color.

The lens is shatter proof, shock proof and resistant to chemicals such as acetone and cleaning solvents.

Completely mechanical, there are no batteries or electronics to fail and is there when you need it the most!