Modular Rifle Chassis Systems

The SABER®-FORSST® (folding rifle stock system tactical) Modular Rifle Chassis system was conceived in 2004 as a way to advance the functionality of modern bolt action rifles for tactical, competition, target and hunting applications. After more than seven years of intensive development, countless hours of engineering design, prototyping and testing; with input from experienced snipers, world champion competitive rifle shooters, and hunters Ashbury has to date been awarded 14 utility and design patents, with additional patents pending!

SABER®-FORSST® modular rifle chassis’ are manufactured to ISO:9001-2008 standards principally from 7075-T6 aerospace grade alloys, advanced composites and lightweight high-strength carbon fiber materials. SABER® chassis’ are truly modular and designed to provide users with greater functionality and increased accuracy when installed on many popular right and left hand bolt action receivers.

Customers frequently comment about the adjustable ergonomic design which is singularly unique when compared to a traditional rifle stock and contributes to reducing felt recoil. These features allow shooters better control, shot follow through and enhanced long range accuracy across the entire caliber range from small to large caliber including the 50 BMG. You can upgrade nearly any sub-assembly and most individual components of the chassis using a common family of accessories on your home workbench or with the assistance of a trusted gunsmith. SABER®-FORSST® Modular by Definition…Performance Engineered by Design proudly Made in America!

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