Regular Scabbard Butt Cover
  • Regular Scabbard Butt Cover
  • Regular Scabbard Butt Cover

Regular Scabbard Butt Cover


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Regular Scabbard Butt Cover

The JSTC butt cover is made to allow you to fully cover the butt and optics of a rifle or shotgun that you'll be carrying in your Eberlestock pack or Side Scabbard. You can either clip the cover to the pack or Side Scabbard, turning them into a soft case, or leave the clips un-fastened, allowing quick access to your firearm. Get one to match your pack, or pick Blaze Orange, so you'll have a really effective 360 degree beacon on your person.

Please note: The default buckle type on the JSTC is the Stealth buckle. A portion of our 2011 production included a new type of buckle called the "Champion" buckle. Previous productions used "Stealth" buckles. In order to match the accessory you order with a pack you already own, please look at the buckles on your pack. Champion male buckles have a short middle fork. Stealth buckles have a fine printing of the word "Stealth" or "Stealth Warrior" on the buckles, and have a middle fork that's about the same length as the outer forks. If you need something other than Stealth, please indicate your request in the text field. And if you're ordering the accessory along with a pack, don't worry; we'll take care of the selection for you.