Eberlestock X1A1
  • Eberlestock X1A1
  • Eberlestock X1A1
  • Eberlestock X1A1

Eberlestock X1A1


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The X1A1S is a variation of our X1A1 hunting pack.  Call it the X1 for short.  This is a great pack for military or law enforcement uses where a compact pack is desired.

Compared to our Gunslinger pack, the X1 has a similarly sized body, but is built without the top cover compartment, and without the large compression straps.  Another major difference is that the scabbard on the X1 is narrower, making it a good size for typical bolt-action sniper rifles.

The X1 is a hybrid top/front load pack, meaning that the zippered upper access allows the upper front half of the pack to swing away, but still allows stuffing the entire main compartment from above.  Additionally, you have access to the lower section of the main compartment through side zippers on both sides.

The X1 comes with both our patented and patent-pending Quickdraw Backscabbard and the Ripcord Tether.  It will carry two weapons.

The X1 carries a full-scale weapon, offset to one side.  Note that there is nothing but the rifle in the pack shown at left.  If you visualize where the barrel and scope are, they are very close to the spine.  Even with nothing in the pack other than the rifle, it feels like a very symmetrical load; with a bit of gear, water, and ammo in there, it rides directly in the center of your torso.

The X1 comes with our new high tech Shooter's Harness.  This thinner harness has proven to be more comfortable under a heavy load than a typical thickly padded harness.  The Shooter's Harness performs very well over body armor or over a t-shirt, and causes minimal interference with firing a weapon.

2100 cubic inches.  1000d Cordura.

Wt. 5 lbs.