X1 Pack

X1 Pack


Price: $229.00

  • Hide-Open Western Slope 



Several years ago, our customers asked us for a great all-around daypack, and we developed our x-type packs to answer the call for lightweight, high quality, ultra-versatile hunting packs.  We focused on the essentials to give  you some lean, mean, hunting machines.

The X1A1 (called the X1 for short) is carefully made with premium components, thoughtfully laid out.  With our exclusive patented and patent-pending features, the Quickdraw Backscabbard and the Ripcord Bow Tether.  Both on one pack.  If you're looking for a great all-'round daypack, look no further.  Because you won't find anything better on the planet.

Major features include:

  • Front "x pockets" form a saddle for your bow to ride in, so it's completely stable while you go hard.
  • Deeper scabbard accommodates a full-scale hunting rifle.
  • Padlock webbing tie-points all over the pack, including on the larger "mainline" waistbelt.
  • New "shooter harness" is vertically adjustable for varying torso lengths, and is both thinner for shooting, and more comfortable for heavier loads.



Guy Eastman glassing for game.

The X1 is designed for the hunter that wants light and fast mobility.  Whether you're a bow hunter or a gun hunter, once you've discovered the ability to move with your hands free from carrying your weapon, it'll change the way that you think about the hunting experience.  Of course, this applies to everybody who carries a gun or a bow, whether you're climbing 7000' up to the rim of Hell's Canyon, or climbing out of your pickup truck for a walk to your treestand.  There's something wonderful about being organized when you move about with your gear, and the X1 is designed to make that happen.


It'll change the way that you hunt.

Although made for a full-sized man, the X1 is also a great kid's or woman's pack when combined with our small pack harness.  Above, these tigah's are well set up for a weekend adventure, with rods and Red Ryders tucked into the scabbard.  At the opposite end of the scale, it'll make a great daypack for a customer who's 6'5" when fitted with our large harness.


As shown at right, many customers have discovered that the X1 is a great all-around hunting pack. The bow carrier can be used to support lashed-on loads, such as this sheep head.


Dimensions: 22.5"h x 11"w x 7"d
Weight: 5 lbs. 8 oz.
Volume: 1,900 cu in