Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack

Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack


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  • Military Green 
  • Coyote Brown 
  • Dry Earth 

 The F4M Terminator is an extremely versatile full-format load bearing pack.  Optimized for the scout/sniper mission, it has a unique articulating rear interior wall that allows a weapon to be carried near the wearer's back.  When not carrying a weapon, the wall is pressed against the frame to maximize conventional interior load space.

The F4M is laid out much like the G4M Operator, but instead of a built-in weapon carrier, the pack is a conventional pack with configurable load bay.  The weapons bay puts the weapon next to the wearer's body, and when used with the optional A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier, all man-portable sniper rifles can be carried.  The pack is also compatible with A1SS, A2SS, and A2LS Side Scabbards.

A trap door on the back of the main lid of the pack opens to allow the insertion of a scabbard or for the carriage of a weapon resting on the bottom of the pack without use of the scabbard.

Patented and Patent Pending

A4SS Side Scabbard is a configurable weapon carrier, capable of being rigged to contain virtually any man-portable weapon.  It links to the F4M pack's main frame panel.

At left, the basic pack.  Center, the pack as it will look with a folding-stock sniper rifle or other weapon less than 32" length.  At right, any weapon up to 60" can be contained in the A4SS and carried in the F4 pack.

Volume: 4100 c.i. (67 Liter)

System Wt: 9 lb 10 oz      (4.75 kg)

Basic Pack Wt: 8 lb 12 oz   (4.30 kg)

Construction: 1000d/500d Nylon

Dimensions: 23"h x 12"w x 10"d

Dimensions(w/LP1): 27"h x 12"w x 10"d

Military Green, Coyote Brown, Dry Earth, Multicam, or Unicam.

Color availability may vary; please see our online store for the current selection.

(scabbards sold separately)