"M" Gunslinger Pack

"M" Gunslinger Pack


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The GS05M is in service around the globe, and we've heard great things about it.  If you've had one of our packs, please tell us how it served you!

The GS05M Gunslinger is a 2700 cubic inch pack, with extraordinary features that set it apart from any other mid-size pack.  The Backscabbard is wide enough to hold most rifles, including assault rifles and rifles with large scopes.  Above left, the GS05M carrying a 16" barreled M4.  This rifle is nearly completely concealed inside the scabbard.  At right, a DPMS .308 LRR with Leupold 6.5-20 x 50 LR/T & 15 rd. mag.  Regardless of size, a rifle carried in the GS05 will slip right out of the pack when you need it.

People who've discovered our backpacks have been excited to find them to be excellent tools for doing some of the jobs that they've been training for.  Particularly when you're carrying more than one long gun, it's a great way to keep them out of the way, but have them simply, quickly, and readily available.  With our packs' triple-reinforced, rugged construction, unbelievable quality, and innovative features, we hope that you, too, will be enthusiastic about using an Eberlestock.

At left:  A GS05 mounted with our A1SS Side Scabbard.  What better way to carry a tactical weapon and an entry shotgun?  Plus, you can still have a third weapon in your hands!  For longer shotguns, choose our A2SS Side Scabbard.

See our Accessories page to purchase scabbards, hydration kits, and accessory pouches.


The Eberlestock Gunslinger Pack is an excellent organizational tool.  The layout of its compartments, with a large and a small tuck-pocket on the outside, two small accessory compartments, a mid-size compartment in the top-pack, and a large main compartment that has both top and full side-access, lets you load the pack with your gear in a way that makes it predictable to locate whatever items you need immediate access to.  You can add external mag pouches and accessory pouches virtually anywhere on the pack.  On top of this, there is really no way to adequately describe the superiority of this weapons carriage system over the standard shoulder sling.  For scout/snipers, it's a great alternative to a drag bag, and provides unparalleled versatility, agility, and mobility, with rapid access to your firearm.

The pack is compact and excellent for rappelling.  SWAT Teams will find it useful for  carriage of both primary and secondary weapons. Features include full side access to the main compartment, hydration bladder housings, multiple pockets with varied sizes and configurations, fully padded harness and back padding, and external compression straps.

We've been shipping these packs to Special Forces troops, to SWAT units in a growing number of major metro areas, and to virtually every US Government agency that has weapons related missions.  The collective feedback has been very positive.  When we ask for remarks about the product, we get quotes like, "awesome."  Or, as a scout/sniper with the 5th Special Forces Group put it, "this is the best piece of equipment to come down the pike in 30 years."  He said this before we introduced our other packs, but the GS05 is still holding its own as a great little top-loading pack.
"In a league of its own..."

The GS05M has been "Member Tested and Recommended" by the National Tactical Officer's Association.

  • Removable waist belt (for traveling, and for a better fit with some tactical gear)
  • Dual hydration compatible (can hold two 3 liter hydration systems)
  • Scabbard folds into bottom of pack for use with shorter weapons or when not carrying weapons
  • Scabbard has new drainage and cleanout system
  • High visibility interior
  • Both top and full side access to the main compartment
  • Large top cover compartment (will hold several ammo boxes)
  • Ample PALS/MOLLE compatible webbing
  • Fully adjustable shoulder harness
  • Triple compression strap system for quick lash-on of bulky gear, and for compressing your load
  • #10 zippers throughout
  • Removable top cover for gun scabbard fully encloses your gun, or can be left off so you can quickdraw it.
  • A pull-out sleeve in the top-cover that protects optics and allows you to fully conceal a weapon as long as 60"!

Weight:  5 lbs. 6 oz. [2.6 Kg]

Total Volume:  2700 c.i. [45L]

Volume not incl. scabbard:  2200 c.i. [36L]

Dimensions:  22"h x 10"w x 7"d

 U.S. Patent 6,763,987.    Other Patents Pending.
 "Great for laptops, or automatic weapons; the choice is yours!"

For mobile warriors, the GS05 is carry-on sized, and the scabbard duals as a great place to stash a laptop or other quick-access items.  As shown here, the scabbard folds into the bottom of the pack, giving discreet carry of compact weapons, or for simply replacing your briefcase.