February 2012

I recently had the privilege of attending a long distance shooting school taught by Ward Brien of Snipertools.com. When first approached by a friend of mine about attending the school, I was both excited and apprehensive. I have always been interested with the concept of long distance shooting, yet I was also apprehensive about the cost of the school and the knowledge I could attain in three days. Prior to attending the school, we had been shooting at distances out to 1,100 yards with limited success, and had attained some knowledge in the use of Mil holdovers, mil ranging, and interior and exterior ballistic effects. I have always had the ability to self teach myself in just about any area, and there are books full of information on the art of long distance shooting, so the big question was whether Ward Brien could teach me anything I couldn't learn in the books, and would that information be worth the money. The answer was definitely yes, Ward Brien not only taught me how little I actually knew, his knowledge was worth every penny and more.

The school itself was taught on private land in an incredible mountain setting in the heart of Utah. If we had gained nothing else from the class, the beautiful scenery and accommodations made it well worth the trip. Upon arriving the first evening, we were greeted by Ward and escorted to the mountain cabin where we would be staying along with Ward and one of his co-instructor, Gary Clayton. Upon arriving at the cabin, we were introduced to the owners of the cabin and surrounding private land that would be utilized for the school. One would think in today's day and age that any private land owner with a place that special would be apprehensive in allowing two individuals of whom they know nothing about, access their land in such a fashion, but not only were we welcomed, we were treated as friends from the moment we arrived until our departure. Along with this introduction to the land owners, we were introduced for the first time to Mr. Clayton. Gary Clayton is a special individual, and it was a pleasure to make his acquaintance. Aside from an extensive career in law enforcement, Mr. Clayton distinguished himself with a 24 year career in special forces to include 12 years functioning as an A team member in multiple areas of operation. Also assisting with the class was Eldon Tuttle. Aside from being part owner of the land, Mr. Tuttle distinguished himself in the Army as a long distance shooter and followed his military service up with a career in law enforcement as well. Not only are these men a wealth of knowledge, we owe them our gratitude as a nation for their years of dedicated service both in the military and law enforcement communities. I still do not know much about the background of Ward Brien, but I do know he possesses a very unique set of skills when it comes to the art of long distance shooting. Before I continue on with a brief description of the class itself, my friend and I would like to offer our heart felt thanks for the way that Ward Brien, Gary Clayton and Eldon Tuttle accepted us and treated us. From the moment we met them, they made us feel not only welcome, they made us feel like we belonged. Those three individuals left a positive impression on me that I will carry for the rest of my life.

As mentioned above, the school itself took place over a three-day period, with day one being dedicated primarily to class room study. Following a day in the books, we spent the rest of the first evening zeroing and chronographing rifles. It was at the conclusion of this shooting session that I experienced for the first time the true skill set that Ward Brien possesses, when he demonstrated those skills utilizing a .308 gas gun. Watching Mr. Brien center a target with three rounds fired in rapid succession on a target 800 meters away not only left me in awe, it solidified the idea that we had chosen the right person to instruct us in the art of long range marksmanship. As most everyone who has shot at extreme distances realizes, the true challenge in long distance shooting doesn't take place when the marksman squeezes the trigger, the true challenge takes place before the marksman ever sets himself behind the gun. This is where Ward Brien separates himself from the rest of the pack, and this is why we sought him out for this school. On day two of the school we took to the field for a day shooting at multiple targets at various distances and slope angles, and through multiple layers of wind at distances out to 900+ meters. This is when the true education really started. Being able to identify multiple layers of wind from a variety of directions, read the mirage and vegetation in order to gauge the velocities of these winds, understand how the terrain can affect these variables, compensate for the angle of the sun and shadow affects, and piece this puzzle into a shooting solution is an art form, and a skill Ward Brien has perfected, and a skill he teaches well. Day two was spent studying, learning and compensating for these affects while placing shots on 10” steel targets decorating the hillsides. Unlike day two, day three started without rifle in hand. Rising before the sun, the first hours of day three began with a study of how the rising sun, climbing temperatures and mountain terrain effect the wind. This study took place throughout the day as we transitioned into our final day of shooting. Shooting on day three began shortly after our sunrise study. Similar to day two, we spent the day shooting at multiple targets at various distances and slope angles, and through multiple layers of wind, with one little twist. That little twist was a stop watch. Unlike day two when we were able to take our time, read the surroundings, relax and shoot, on day three we were given a 5 minute period to range, read and gauge the winds, adjust for angle and sun, plot a solution, dial in the dope and send a shot down range with a follow up shot if necessary. That little bit of pressure added a “real world” affect to the scenario and made for an exciting and fun day of shooting on targets ranging from 500 meters out to a mile. To watch the impact of a bullet as it strikes a steal silhouette at a distance of a mile and know that you sent the round home is an exhilarating feeling, and one that we never would have imagined experiencing until we met Ward Brien.

I won't go into anymore details of the class, if you want to know more, you are going to have to find out for yourselves. Whether you are just a casual shooter looking to improve your accuracy and distance, or you are a serious long distance marksman, Ward Brien has something to offer you, and you will be learning from one of the best. If you are a serious hunter and spend a great deal of time hunting mountainous terrain, the knowledge you can obtain from Ward Brien can be priceless.

Again, our heartfelt thanks and a great deal of respect go out to Ward Brien, Gary Clayton and Eldon Tuttle for a time we will never forget.

June 2009

Major Wiley,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the excellent recommendation. I really appreciate it, and it means a great deal coming from you. The class with Ward was phenomenal. Due to a scheduling mix up I was only able to attend two of the three days. Ward was gracious enough to still allow me to attend and did not charge me for the day I could not make.

My first day of class started with a nice drive to the field of fire where we discussed some of the fundamentals of precision rifle shooting. We proceeded to checking the torque of the critical bolts on our weapon systems and confirmed our 100yrd zero. We then learned about measuring and recording meteorological data and the impact this data will have on our trajectory. Once the range cards were made, Ward taught us about indicators to look for in order to properly read what the wind is doing, the effect of sun and shadow, and the effect the terrain can have. Our next exercise was range estimation using the mildot reticle on unknown distance targets. We wrapped up the first day with integrating the information and firing on steel targets from 290m to 614m.

The primary focus of day two was angle shooting and learning to use the Angle Cosine Indicator. So, Ward and I spent the entire day angle shooting various spots ranging from 250m to 980m. Ward even took a couple of shots with his rifle at 1536m.

I have met several people who are knowledgeable about long range shooting, but Ward's knowledge is like no other. I was in awe of the depth of his knowledge in every aspect of precision shooting. We're talking about info that he can back up with solid scientific fact. And on top of that he is polite, humble, and genuinely friendly. No ego whatsoever with Ward.

Well Major, I typically don't write long emails, so please forgive me. I'm still excited about what I learned. Again, I want to thank you for everything you have taught me and for inviting me into your circle. I have met wonderful people such as yourself, M, J, and now Ward. If you ever get the chance to come to Colorado to shoot with Ward, it will be an experience you will not forget.

Take care,

August 2008

I went to Colorado from Washington State for Wards class. This is a great class in some beautiful country. Ward goes over everything in great detail and has lots of patience and works with you until you understand every aspect in detail that you need to know. I got every thing out of this class that I went there for and lots more. Ward really goes way out of his way to make sure you get your moneys worth. I had a great time.

Bobbie Whitmire

18 May 2008

Hi Ward,

Both Blair and I can not thank you enough for the effort, patience, and hospitality you and Joyce put forth for the time we were in Estes. The class surpassed our expectations and we truly enjoyed every part of the class.

We are looking forward to future trips to Estes.

Thanks again,

2 Feb. 2008


We had an awesome time and really look forward to seeing and shooting with you again as soon as possible.

Take care,

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Hello all, I just wanted to share a little from the long distance shooting training that I had this weekend. I and a group of 5 guys secured the services of snipertools.com this is a professional markmanship instructor that has all the tools to teach avid shooters who want long distance accuracy and consistancy. I believe that he goes by "W" on this site and my hat is off to him. He had the patience to help all of us on a individual basis and show me things that make me more hungry to shoot better. If you are looking to improve your hunting with longer shots and more confidence, or some tactical ops to improve yourself, get in touch with "W" at snipertools.com.

Thanks again

Follow up email 26 June 2005

Hey Ward, just a few new things here, I have been shooting pretty well, I have won 3 tactical matches in a row, placed 2nd last month at our 1000 yard match, and first last week at our club 1000 yard match, went to sacramento today and shot a 600 yard match, won my relay and lost on the shoot off. not too bad tho, I have been shooting alot lately. I have a new project going, its a .25 wssm necked up to 6.5. I got a B.A.T. action and broughton switch barrels ordered, just working on a stock right now it should be a great shooter. The people shooting these are doing really well. whats new with you?

Take care.

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I just wanted to give some recognition to Ward over at www.snipertools.com for putting on a great class last weekend. There were some cancellations so it ended up being a very intimate class with some great one on one work that covered many of the basics of precision shooting.

We worked on the rifle and it’s components and how they interact to enhance, or sometimes detract, from accuracy. He showed how to tune a rifle before shooting and talked about the internal ballistics and how to work up a load to fit with a specific rifle. We covered ranging, mil-dots, mil-dot master, doing the math manually. We worked with reading the wind, different tell tails, mirage reading, laser range finding, reading trace.

One of the most beneficial components was getting comfortable with the met readings and dialing in the ballistics real time for each range session. We worked with the Kestrell-4000 in combination with Exball on a PDA and fed in information from choreographed loads to get VERY accurate dope. By generating a range card from the PDA I was on target with first shots every time, it was a great approach to a positive leaning experience. We also used the ACI to work with angled shooting and ran the math manually and through the PDA for angled shooting solutions that were right on the target every time.

The class finished up with some exercises in multiple target acquisition at variable ranges using mil-dot holds and firing under exercise induced body stress and time constraints. It was a great set of exercises and really helped to sink some of the information in on a deep level. Anyway, it was a great class that gave me the foundation that I was looking for and was taught by someone who knows his stuff and is willing to share. When he comes up with an other class definitely look into it.

Cheers, CJ

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Mr. Ward : Precision Shooting 1. This was just what I needed after many years of not shooting. Your class information an instruction is tope of the line. The depth you took to get the info across is out standing from optics to shooting the follow through of each shot, as well as safety. Scopes, the info on the PDA/EXBAL will make all the difference in Precision shooting. Weapons maintenance, checking all TQ points as well inch/pounds settings. I really can not say enough .I do recommend this class highly it is a 10 THANK YOU WARD.


2 Oct. 2004

Hi Ward,

Thanks for the great feedback! We figured things went well when we asked our son how did the class go and he had a big grin on his face as he related the days events to us. He told us it was very challenging but he felt he did well and all of the information you taught him on Friday seem to gel in the practical exercises. He couldn't stop talking about the class all weekend and I know he's looking forward to the next session at the other range for long range shooting. I'll need to send him there with a check for the Cosine angle indicator; I remember it was $70 something? I'll be sure to have him log onto the website you mentioned and give his input.

Thanks Again,
D. C.

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I also have had the pleasure of going through Ward's precision shooting course and I was truly impressed. Ward is an excellent teacher and his course is second to none. I was suprised to learn so much in only two days. Not only did he instruct me on proper shooting techniques, but he also took the time to explain everything that contributes to a rifle's accuracy. By the second day I was able to shoot out to ranges that I never attempted before! I urge everyone who is interested in learning more about the physics of ballistics and how it contributes to superior marksmenship to sign up.

Thank you Ward for everything!

2 July 2004

I had the pleasure of taking Precision Shooting 1 from W, owner of Snipertools. This class was just what I needed. Precision 1 is geared towards those of us who need to get the basics under our belts. If you have never had the chance to get formal training in the basics of precision shooting, I would highly recommend this class. With all of the great rifle training institutions around the country, it was nice to find a highly skilled instructor here in the Los Angeles area. I want to thank Ward for a great class.


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I just want to pass along what a wonderful experience W's Precision Shooting 1 course was. I had the luxury of having my wife pay for a private session with W for my Christmas present. I can't possibly say anything better about the class than it is absolutely the best money I have EVER spent on this hobby.

The instruction was first rate. The facilities were excellent. The pace was perfect (however, I was by myself). Most importantly W's ability to teach at a level this newbe could understand. Despite some tough wind (12-15mph full value), a bad trigger (5+ pounds), and some parallax problems I managed to see my overall ability increase 10-fold in two days.

Also, the introduction to Sniper Design Co's Angle Cosign Indicator and Perry-Systems Exbal Pocket PC software was absolutely incredible. I never would have thought that precision marksmanship would be so technologically advanced.

You can find info on the course at - Sniper Tools Design Co.

I would like to pass on a personal "thank you" to Desert Frog and Timberwolf for recommending the class. I look forward to shooting with you guys as soon as I get my rifle squared away.

2 June 2004

--Great, Great class! Thanks again for teaching me; I appreciate that you took me from "never shot a rifle" to now having a strong reference point on how to shoot! Obviously, I think it's an A+ class!


October 7, 2005>

Frank C Mrosek Rialto, CA.

Dear Ward

Just a few thoughts on the Class I just completed with you last weekend. You asked me how the class compared to the one at " ". First let me explain about my journey to this point of shooting.

I grew up around firearms but did not really fully understand the skills needed to become a proficient shooter. I knew which end the bullet came out, the basic safety rules, and some idea of trajectory. I went into the Army in 1965 where I received the basic firearms training. After that I was in a state side assignment for 3 years and never fired my Military rifle again. When I got out of the army I was married, had kids and did not shoot much until I moved to Big Bear Lake. Then I did mostly trap shooting and a feeble attempt at hand gunning.

In the late 80's, I became interested in hunting, bought some rifles, went to the range zeroed them and off I went. My experiences could be a best seller. They were less then fulfilling you might say.

About 1997 I was invited to " " for a one-day free submachine gun course. It was very informative but was a sales pitch to join. Later I signed up for a practical Rifle class that was very informative and it did increase my ability to rapidly engage targets out to 200 yards.

A few years ago the opportunity to join " " as a Gold member was offered to me, so I became one. Until last February I took many different classes but then because of changes to the prerequisites for the Precision Rifle One class. I made up my mind to meet those prerequisites and set that as my goal.

To advance to the Precision Rifle course I would have to shoot at the Distinguished Graduate level, that was a score of 90% or better on the skill test. The skill test is given on the last day after an exhausting period of training. The skill test involves engaging targets out to 200 yards under time constraints from three ready positions; this includes dedicated failure to stop shots to the ocular cranial cavity, and small target engagement.

It was not an easy task for me; the pressure of trying to pass the skill test was enormous. It was a great accomplishment to for me to become a Distinguished Graduate.

After that I went to my first Precision rifle class with my hunting rifle. It had a malfunction, which forced me to switch to a school gun; it was a Savage with a 40mm MK IV Leupold Scope with M3 turrets. The first class was full of formulas and drills just as I was close to completing that class I hurt my foot and could not continue.

Well I was hooked, I went home and started researching what I needed to move to the next level. I bought my Remington 700 and scope, found your web site and bought your precision rifle book at that time. We talked and I decided to attend your class.

The week before your class I once again attended a precision rifle class at " ." They changed the curriculum and improved the course for a beginning precision rifleman, I learned more. It was that progression that is the background for "my" opinions towards your class. Please remember that I am a hands on person, it is hard for me to put what I read into practice.

For me, if I had not taken the classes at " " your class may have been a bit overwhelming. You covered a lot of valuable information, that if not for the previous training, it would not have been as clear to me. For me your course was a valuable adjunct to my training. My prior training opened my eyes, you enlightened me. I now consider you, with your permission, a mentor.

I personally learned what true precision shooting is. I learned more fine points and the reasoning behind true precision shooting. I increased my skills enormously with your teachings.

To endorse your class to someone that wants to be a true precision rifleman I would have to say "most people don't know what they don't know"! "Take a class with the best and learn what you don't know"!

Since last weekend I have lapped my scope rings, ordered a Shilen Trigger and a Tubbs firing pin. You have created a monster!

I would also like to extend to you an offer to attend a four-day course at " " free of charge except for a background check. If interested let me know and I'll send you the information.

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge with Jeff and I.

Yours truly,
Frank C Mrosek